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Sheriff's meeting
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LVA Annual Meeting July 19th, 2017
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About Us

The Lantern Village Association was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization with a mission to beautify the Lantern Village neighborhood. learn more As told by Erwin Skadron: The Lantern Village had declined significantly by 1991. The area was dilapidated, overcrowded, drug infested with a high crime rate.  A small group of property owners formed the non-profit "Lantern Village Association" (LVA).  With a commitment to work with the Dana Point City Council to restore the lantern village, moving ahead, the LVA sent out letters to property owners and 300 joined the LVA>  They attended council meetings and told  their plight to the council. The City responded and first hired two undercover agents who arrested over 50 drug dealers on Silver Lantern in one month.  The City then hired an additional code enforcement officer to bring all village buildings  into code compliance.  Slum landlords who ignored the city code were taken to court.  LVA members assisted the code officers by walking each block once each week and turned over to the city 1000 violations in one year.  By 2006, the Village was transformed into what you see:   a popular and attractive beach community. The LVA continues to help keep it that way. Founders and first board of directors of the LVA: Bill Shepherd, President; Erwin Skadron, Vice President; and  Connie Bailey, Larry Culbertson, Chuck Johannsen, Dick Mackaig, Rox Williams,  Directors

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The Lantern Village Association exists to preserve the heritage and enhance the beauty of the historic Lantern Village.  We build relationships with  our neighbors, promote our local economy and improve the overall quality of life in Dana Point.