The Lantern Village Association was founded in 1991 as a 501(c)4  nonprofit organization (Tax ID# 33-048-8100). Located in the heart of Dana Point, California our boundaries are defined as the area between Chula Vista Avenue and Calle La Primavera and between the Dana Point Harbor Bluffs and Stonehill Drive (in the Blue Lantern area) and Selva Road.

Our Mission Statement:

The Lantern Village Association exists to preserve the heritage and enhance the beauty of the historic Lantern Village.  We build relationships with  our neighbors, promote our local economy and improve the overall quality of life in Dana Point.

Board of Directors:

President: Robin Valles
Vice President: Georgia Theodor
Secretary: Ron Trerotola
Treasurer: Rita Calafatello
Director, IT: Geoff Brougham
Director, at large: Georgia Theodor
Director, Code Enforcement: Robin Valles
Director, at large: John Sedigh
Director, at large: Bob Beeby
Director, at large: : Mary Beth Buckles
Director, events: Kristin Brown

Contact Us:

Lantern Village Background:

In 1923, Anna Walters, a realtor and developer from Laguna Beach purchased 900 Dana Point acres and mapped out plans to turn the then existing lima bean fields into the Lantern Village, including the colorful lanterns, from the harbor bluffs to Stonehill/Selva and from Chula Vista to Copper Lantern. In 1927, when Walters’ syndicate ended up in foreclosure, Hollywood developer Sidney Woodruff purchased her property, and also purchased an additional 1400 acres to the Southeast, expanding the Lantern Village to the San Juan Creek area.

The Woodruff syndicate built several homes on the bluff, on Blue Lantern and Chula Vista, Copper Lantern and several other Lantern Village streets. Also built in the ’20s were many commercial buildings along Roosevelt Avenue (now PCH) and Del Prado, including the Blue Fountain Fountain Lunch and Gas Station (now the Bella Bazaar), the Sales Auditorium (now StillWater Spirits & Sounds), a French restaurant (now the Blue Dolphin), Woodruff’s Real Estate Office (now UP Sports), plus several other historical buildings, still standing.

The following tract map shows the original street layout. The large vacant area on Silver Lantern, was originally planned to be the high school.

Dana Point Tract Map 1925